EFA is an independent research and consulting firm located in Sonoma County, California. Since our conception in 2000, we’ve been dedicated to providing clients with customized economic analysis at a fraction of the cost when compared to our larger local competitors. We have a wide range of clientele in the private and public sectors throughout the state.

Data Survey Analysis
EFA can provide your firm or organization with survey support, focus group facilitation, and data analysis from survey data (qualitative and quantitative data). Our staff have built survey instruments, administrated surveys, run focus groups as both a harbinger to broader survey work and as a follow-up to surveys in terms of strategic planning from survey results. EFA can handle small or large survey assignments, from market research to strategic planning with either your internal staff or investors/stakeholders.

Economic Development Support
EFA has specialized in providing economic development support in three ways: first, EFA has led the development and organization of economic development organization for areas without such an entity. The Marin Economic Forum in Marin County, CA currently retains EFA’s president, Robert Eyler, as its CEO. This organization was built and started by EFA. Second, EFA can provide a wide breadth of data about regional economies for economic development organizations as the city or county level. EFA is in currently contracted by Solano County, CA to provide macroeconomic and economic impact data as requested by the County of Solano and the Solano County Economic Development Corporation. Finally, EFA can provide “asset management” consulting to economic development leaders about how to manage assets that support the attraction, retention and expansion of focal industries in a regional economy. In many cases, economic development is based on focal or “clustered” industries and little concern is placed on community assets that help support these clusters (such as retail, personal and professional services, and supply chain connections as suppliers and customers). EFA has advised in all these situations.

Economic Impact Analysis
The IMPLAN model and associated economic impact analyses for specific regions and areas has become a popular way to look at policy issues, the economic importance of certain industries, projects and expansions for local economies, and how industries are connected to each other as an economic development tool. EFA has done many studies using this model — the macroeconomics behind the model and the implications of the model’s findings. Our staff have also presented the results of such reports to elected officials, stakeholders in both corporate and non-profit settings, and to educational audiences.

Event Speaking
Our staff is made up of professional economists who stay on the frontier of global, national, state, and regional (Northern California specifically) economic issues and data. Our goal is to provide an audience with an entertaining learning experience, where each participant should be able to use the data and information from our presentation to aid decision-making in their business or organization. The presentations are made available to participants in almost every case (the client chooses the public or private nature of the final presentation), where staff not present can also see the presentation and interact with us should any questions arise. EFA has spoken to groups that range from 7 to 700 participants.

Expert Witness Services
EFA provides litigation support as a precursor to mediation, arbitration or trial. These services range from consultation when preparing for these activities, and also providing data and expert witness testimony as needed. EFA understands the importance of these types of cases to our clients and works with the legal team to ensure the best possible outcome.

Forensic Economics and Accounting
EFA provides forensic economic and accounting services, such as business valuations, which may or may not be tied to pending litigation. Pre-litigation activities such as damage valuations based on an event or lack of payment by customer may be requested, as well. EFA can also advise on the financial estimates a party may expect from litigation if that path is chosen.

Retail Leakage and Urban Decay Analyses
Many local areas look at retail expansion for both anchor tenancy in commercial real estate clusters and/or sales tax revenue. When there is an expansion of current or attraction of new retailers, there will some trade of current retail markets. In some cases, there will be retail leakage eliminated. This is where the local area current demands more than it supplies, which provides income to other areas. The expansion or attraction of more retail capacity can reduce this leakage. However, the local area may have a retail surplus, where there is too much retail for a specific market. For example, a second grocery store in an area that barely supports the current grocery capacity may reduce revenues for the existing retailer and not generate enough to support the new or expanding store. In these cases, urban blight and decay and come from increase demand over the same or shrinking markets. EFA provides retail leakage analyses in terms of the potential demand for a specific area (to the zip code level) and also provides economic development support and policy guidance from the results.