Food Manufacturing in the North Bay: Economic Connections and Impacts

EFA Report
Nov 8, 2012

This report provides an overview of local, food-processing industries, where these firms take agricultural goods and add value to produce a new or packaged product that is consumed as food, an input to another process, or as a beverage. Because there are many sub-industries, this report focused on the following types of food products: baked goods and breads; coffee, tea & juice; dairy and cheese products; dessert products; fruit and vegetable products; meat, poultry and seafood; oil, condiments, spices, and nuts; pasta processing; snack food manufacturing; and tortilla production. Recent employment data shows growth in these industries overall since 2001, growth that is a growing proportion of overall manufacturing in the North Bay. The jobs, business revenues and tax revenues generated by these companies and their workers have broader economic impacts that touch almost every industry in the North Bay.

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